My practice is focused around creatures/characters that I become through the wearing of things that I have made, and subsequent actions I perform with objects in both constructed and real-world space. Lately, this has typically been through either live performance or video work. I am most interested in creating costumes that are either specific to my body, or specific to another individual (such as my husband), and inhabiting a character that performs gestures and actions in response to materials, sounds, physical limitations, camera framing, colour, texture, space, and other characters. When creating and performing, I am often thinking about ideas surrounding queerness, gender, masculinity, sexuality, cultural norms, inhibition, shame, mental illness, social justice, pop (and specifically queer pop) culture, and different fringe communities that I also happen to be a part of. My characters, things, and worlds that I create situate themselves in the in between spaces of these different realms, and with their associations through materiality, symbol, action, and environments, they inhabit a (usually) ritualistic place where things are familiar yet unfamiliar. I enjoy this space because not only is it queer in the sense that is hard to pin down, but because it is also a transition zone where things can bleed into each other become something that is perhaps totally new, yet have elements of familiarity. Finding these moments when one thing starts to become something else has become a driving force in my practice... space where moments of transformative catharsis occur.